Solitary confinement of the mind, parole of the soul.

Solitary confinement of the mind, parole of the soul.

Scratching the surface .

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou

Monday, March 29, 2010

One last thought..

I can't believe I still want you,
Even after everything we put each other through,
I resent the things I did not say, and the things I did not do,
I resent making decisions that made me without you.
I don't understand why you chose the decision you did,
It's like all the things we spoke, were never even said.
You told me you didn't want to let this go,
But can't you see you did just so?
I really thought we were meant to be,
and I thought that us meeting was our destiny.
It's crazy because I never thought I would feel this way about someone ever,
so the fact that I thought I couldn't tell you was not even close to clever.
I continuously hide the way I'm feeling because I don't want to stress you out,
I don't wanna feel your head with anymore of this doubt.
But if ever I get the chance to change this crazy ending,
I'd do everything I could and more, because my heart just isn't mending..

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I wish the hardest choices in life could be so simple.
No one would suffer heart ache, no one would be wondering why, no one would hurt.
But of course, the world will never be a simple place to live in, so we just have to suck it up.
I'm stuck with questions and no one can answer them but me.
But not even I know what to tell myself, not even I know what is right and what is wrong.
I try to take advantage of every opportunity to better myself and get the things that I want in life, but I haven't been able to grasp hold of it lately..
Too many questions, too little time to sit and think.
I'm just reacting.
I'm reacting and I feel like every push is just a pull.
It's getting nowhere.
I know little things I do in life, whether it be an easy decision to make or a hard decision to make, are going to effect me in my everyday life and it may change things for the better or for the worse.
Were all meant to be bold and take chances, but it's human nature to get a little insecure at times.
Even the most confident get discouraged.
But, if I'm so confident, why am I stalling to make these decisions?
Those who hesitate, lose so...have I lost? Or do I still have time?
Can I still fix the problem, or is it too late?
Within every minute that we procrastinate are seconds being wasted..
Things just aren't as simple as they use to be..
I try to come out on top with everything I do, but sometimes I feel like I'm getting the short end of a deal.
I'm not trying to be left out in the dust..
Decisions, decisions, decisions...
Only God knows what we'll do next.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


If I could fly you'd be my wing man,
I'd carry you under my wings, i'd never let you fall.
I'd protect your heart any way that I can,
For you, I'd risk it all.

If I was a genie I'd give you unlimited wishes,
I'd give you anything to see you happy.
All I'd want in return is to be your misses,
Although I don't want to sound all sappy.

If I was your pillow I'd let you rest your head on me,
I'd be there to comfort you.
Every time you get home, there I would be,
Ima always be here for you boo.

I can't be all those things I can only be me,
But being me is the best thing for you, just you wait and see.
Being me is what draws me to you,
I can prove this with everything that I do.

Just a Little..

Just a little bit more, just a little bit more work, just a little bit closer..
Just a little more work could mean the most and make the biggest difference.
The littlest things could mean the most.
We can't make things happen just like that.
It takes work.
Whether it be a job, project, relationship..
I tend to give up on things when it doesn't go my way, but I'm learning that that would be throwing good things away.
It may not mean much at the moment, but everything little thing you do will affect you in the long run.
Pride and ignorance seems to be the two biggest reasons why some people are unhappy.
They give up before they've even started.
As I'm learning this, I'm trying to get where I want to be by taking it a little bit at a time.
Maybe if I try a little bit more, with a little bit more work, i'll be a little bit closer...and then..perfect. You get exactly what you ask for. As my teacher says, "What you think about, is what you bring about."
Do what makes you happy. Do what's going to make you happy. React on what your heart is telling you when your mind isn't sure what to do. 
We all deserve to be happy.
All it takes is just a little bit more. A little bit more work, to get a little bit closer..

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Disappointments and Happiness.

Life is full of two things: disappointments and happiness. 
Without disappointments, there would not be happiness.
For someone who is so young, I've encountered many of both. 
I've had, like most teenagers, a first love. And most first loves, are only the first of many.
We all think they're going to last, because were naive. We believe in fairy tales, not knowing exactly when reality will hit. But when it hits, it hits hard.
Everyone gets there heart broken, and everybody gets hurt.
But after we get over it, out comes happiness.
Sometimes we lose touch of ourselves for someone we care about. We give up everything for that one person, and we end up getting nothing in return.
I've lost my relationship with my mom, those who were my friends till the end, and I lost myself.
I didn't know who I was for a while because I changed for the one person who I thought would be my forever.
But, I thank them. For everything. The good and the bad.
Because now I'm stronger, I know better, and I grew from the experience.
Even though we don't speak, they see that I am happy, something that they would know nothing about.
I found myself again and I've fixed things with those who care about me regardless of my mistakes.
And those people are most important.
If I had a chance to speak to him, I wouldn't, because the past should stay the past.
But I no longer have any regrets or resentment, because I know I changed a persons life, even if they're not going to change themselves.
I have my mom, my family, my friends, and my happiness.
And I have myself back, the most important.
I need to take care and look out for number one, and that's me. I cannot control how other people are, and I'm grateful for that.
I'm very young, so I know I will have many more disappointments in my life.
But with those disappointments, there's always happiness.